Dental Crowns & Caps

Theresa Frank DDS | Sunnyvale Dentist

There are a number of causes that can lead the structure or aesthetics of your teeth becoming compromised, or damaged. The most prominent of these include trauma leading to minor fractures or chipped margins/edges, root canal treatments, gaps, tooth wear due to bruxism or acid reflux, permanent staining, silver coloured dental restorations, and certain congenital conditions affecting the normal development of the enamel or dentin. In all these cases, dental surgeons advise patients to opt for porcelain dental crowns, commonly known as caps.

Caps cover compromised natural teeth, concealing their irregularities, giving them additional strength, and protecting them from further damage. They are made using high quality porcelain, to match the shade and contour of the natural teeth in the oral cavity. At Theresa Frank DDS, we perform the tooth preparation and impressions during the first appointment, and the final cementation during the second. It is always better to preserve natural tooth structure, and with crowns, you can prolong the life of a damaged tooth by decades at a stretch. Crowns are also used for cosmetic dental corrections – for instance, if patients are concerned about unsightly gaps between their front teeth, dental crowns can be used to cover them for a perfect smile makeover.