Dental Implants

Theresa Frank DDS | Sunnyvale Dentist

Dental implants are perhaps one of the most popular treatments in the world of dentistry today. They’re safe, reliable, fairly simple, and offer astounding results in the replacement of missing natural teeth. With countless benefits associated with the treatment, we at Theresa Frank DDS offer our patients comprehensive consultation to help them understand implants better. Unlike bridges and dentures, implants replace the entire missing tooth – not just the crown, and thus, eliminate all problems that are generally associated with fake teeth.

The treatment involves the placement of a ‘screw’ below the gum, into the jaw bone. Here, it fuses with the cells of the bone and creates a firm foundation for the crown that will be placed on top of it. The fusion with the bone does not only benefit the implant treatment, but also ensures optimal health of the facial tissues and structures that support them. Once the crown is fitted on top of the implant, the complete unit looks and works exactly like a natural tooth in the mouth – perhaps even stronger! Dental implants can now be used to support complete dentures in the upper and lower arches, helping edentulous patients speak, eat and smile perfectly normally once again. Give us a call today if you have a missing tooth you want replaced, or simply wish to learn more about dental implants!