Theresa Frank DDS | Sunnyvale Dentist

Dental filling are important for restoring the aesthetics and function of a tooth following minor fractures or bacterial attacks. There was a time when this was done with the help of a silver coloured material known as amalgam, but it is no longer used. At Theresa Frank DDS, we use top quality dental composites for all our fillings and restorations owing to the material’s versatility, unmatched aesthetic properties, and high strength.

The filling procedure involves the removal of the decayed portion of the tooth with the help of a hand piece. Next, a retentive cavity is prepared and etched to create porosities. These practices help in making the composite adhere to the site without dislodging. Next, a bonding agent is applied and then the tooth-coloured filling material is loaded into the cavity in the form of small increments. The material is then shaped to replicate the natural contour of the tooth, and then set or hardened in place with the help of a curing light, or laser. The same material can also be used for quick cosmetic dental fixes such as gap closure, filling pits, giving uneven teeth a more uniform look, and repairing chipped margins. If you have a cavity in your tooth, give us a call to book your appointment with our restorative experts today!