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Dental hygiene plays a vital role in the overall health of your mouth, and your body. This is because the lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to development of a number of harmful oral infections that have an impact on your general wellbeing. It is important to understand that dental hygiene is not only restricted to the cleaning of the teeth – it encompasses proper care of all the soft tissues and structures that support the teeth in their sockets. Some of the ways in which you can keep your mouth clean and healthy at home include:

  • Brushing at least twice a day, or following mealtime, and before going to bed.

  • Flossing daily to remove food debris struck in the gaps between the teeth

  • Brushing or scraping the tongue to remove accumulated plaque, food debris and bacteria

  • Using a mouthwash to keep the oral cavity smelling fresh

  • Steering clear or habits such as chewing or smoking tobacco, and consuming excessive amount of alcohol

  • Maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding sticky, sugary foods

  • Visiting the dentists at Theresa Frank DDS for routine check-ups, for a thorough professional evaluation of the general oral health

  • Learning the correct techniques for brushing and flossing from professionals.