Initial Oral Exam

Theresa Frank DDS | Sunnyvale Dentist

Oral exams are important because they help dental professionals get a clear picture of the patient’s oral health, and evaluate the state of his/her teeth, as well as the surrounding soft tissues. It is these exams that can help prevent harmful infections, or diagnose them during stages where they can easily be treated. We at Theresa Frank DDS conduct thorough and comprehensive dental exams for all our new patients.

Dental exams are always non-invasive and painless. We use simple examination instruments such mirrors and probes check the teeth and the soft tissues for any abnormalities. The objective is to look for changes in the texture or colour of the tissues that may indicate the developmental stages of an infection or disease. Once a lesion is detected, we may investigate further with the help of radiographs or biopsies. An infection that has been detected and diagnosed at an early stage is easy to treat without the risk of complications – the treatment also has better prognosis. However, if the patient does not visit for routine check-ups, and delays appointment, the condition worsens, and so do the chances of a successful treatment. Dental exams and routine visits therefore play a critical role in keep the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity healthy.